MTG Muddstah - Varina vs Seizan vs Vial/Ikra vs Kaseto

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Legendary Creature Podcast - Boros: Jor Kadeen, and Sylvia & Khorvath

"Hi my name is Kyle. I'm a Boros-aholic." Yup. There's one in every group and they get together in BA meetings, musing about how they wished they were just Bad Ass, not Boros-aholics Anonymous. You'll find Kyle and Arnold Schwarzenegger sitting in a circle with the others. The Boros-aholics tell their stories of how they […]

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Jolt539 Fright Fest - Tymaret's Slaughter House vs Niv-Mizzet, Parun

MTGOTraders Channel: Decklist: Send me a random MTG booster pack! All lands. All draft leftovers. Doesn't matter! Or send me stuff to sign. Jolt MTG PO Box 1215 Midlothian, TX 76065 Looking for a positive MTG group to join? Come join my Discord chat. Make some friends. Deck help, MTG chat, gaming, music, […]

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Commander Cookout Ep 82 - Partner Merhulk Brunch

Hello and welcome to another episode of Commander Cookout Podcast! This week on CCOPodcast, your boys go super deep on a merfolk list that hearkens back to the cEDH list that it takes its roots from. You can peep the list here: After that, if you'd like to tell us how we did, you […]

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Extra Turns - Extra Turns #01 with Wedge and The Professor l Magic: the Gathering Commander/EDH Gameplay

This video is sponsored by VRV: visit to sign-up for a FREE 30 DAY TRIAL and start watching your favorite shows and videos immediately. They've got the best in anime, tech, cartoons and more! ---------- SHOW NOTES: To celebrate reaching 200,000 subscribers, we're premiering a brand new series called Extra Turns! It's a spin-off […]

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Lore Seeker - Galvanized Goddess

Prologue Welcome to Lore Seeker, a series devoted to the legendary creatures left by the wayside of Magic story. In this series I analyze a legendary creature card in depth, one that does not have much mythos surrounding it. I consider everything from the name and mana cost to the art and flavor text, extracting […]

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EDH Player Psychographics - Negotiating with Goblin Diplomats

Negotiation is for those who don't attack enough. At least that's what Goblin Diplomats think. Today is the sixth (and final?) edition of our EDH Player Psychographic series. We've covered Herm/Hermettes, Turtles, Mackenzies, Barktooths, and Puppet Masters. To round things out, we'll take a look at perhaps the most extreme psychographic there is: the Goblin Diplomat, […]

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The Spike Feeders - Magic: the Gathering Commander Gameplay | The Spike Feeders S1E5

Episode 5 comin' at ya! We are so excited to play our inaugural game of Commander in our new recording space! We've moved from Jim's dining room to a room in the basement. On top of that, we've got new microphones! We are still getting used to editing multi-track audio, but we're hoping this is […]

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Commander VS S13E3: Skullbriar vs Niv-Mizzet vs Tuvasa vs Etrata

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Dijital Llama - COMMANDER | Tishana Voice of Thunder - Merfolk Tribal | DECK TECH | MtG

Tishana, Voice of Thunder leads this Merfolk tribal commander deck tech. There's plenty of Simic fun to be had here, and it's also got a big twist to it, it's actually also a Stasis combo commander deck! Thanks for watching! PATREON You can help support the channel to grow bigger and better ARCANE CARDS […]

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