Playing With Power - Breya vs First Sliver vs God Eternal Kefnet vs Silas/Thrasios- Competitive EDH

Our next episode is here! A newcomer, James, wants to see if his God Eternal Kefnet Deck can hold its own at the CEDH table. Find out what happens! We would love to hear what you thought about this video! Please comment below and let us know your thoughts! Support Playing With Power MTG Patreon: […]

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Dijital Llama - COMMANDER | Omnath Locus of the Roil - Elemental Tribal | DECK TECH | MTG

I'm really excited to be bringing you my initial deck tech for Omnath Locus of the Roil! Core Set 2020 hasn't been released yet, so this is an unplaytested deck, so please feel free to make any suggestions on what you're thinking about it please. I've gone for a big Elemental tribal slant, with some […]

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Jumbo Commander - Yarok the Desecrated Commander Deck Tech

Yarok the Desecrated is value. Imagine everything you play getting DOUBLE the effect. I feel like I can flip through any binder and make this deck but I have some tips to help refine this commander. DECKLIST: Thank you (Jumbo Link: Patreon: Twitter: @JumboCommander Email: Music provided by No Copyright […]

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MTG Muddstah - Yawgmoth vs Yuriko vs Ravos | Vial Smasher vs The First Sliver EDH / CMDR game play

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Praetor Magic - Reflections of the Council; Episode 35 - Core Commander 2020?!

Reflections of the Council is now sponsored by! Your Game. Your Style! Visit their site below for custom playmats, mouse pads and more and use the promo code "PRAETOR10" for 10% off and to support Praetor Magic! Sponsored Link: You can also support us on Patreon starting at just $1! How to […]

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The Nitpicking Nerds - The 5 Minute Guide to Superfriends/Planeswalker Decks | Commander Quickie #17

Wondering how to utilize your planeswalkers in your superfriends deck? Are you experiencing issues with clunkiness or reliability! This video is here to help, and will refresh you on the fundamentals of playing superfriends in addition to providing new information and potentially new technology for your decks! Consider Supporting us via Patreon! Follow us […]

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Mechanically Minded - Changeling

The Spike Feeders - Is The First Sliver the best combo commander of 2019? | Better Know a Combo - Food Chain

There's a pretty compelling argument to be made that The First Sliver is the best commander ever printed for the Food Chain combo Commander archetype, but how does it work? Are there ways to disrupt people running this combo? Bill takes you through the ins and outs of: 1) What the combo looks and sounds […]

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Commander Central - 116 – Decks You Play Nicol Bolas the Ravager

Dana and Max are back for another Decks You Play. This week is Patreon supporter Chris’ Nicol Bolas the Ravager deck. Tune in to see if they can shore up the weak points of the Grixis Threaten deck, and help it ravage its opponents. Chris’ Deck: TeeSpring Link for CMDR Central Apparel: Support […]

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One More Mana - Command Center #46 | Core Set 2020 Legends Review | Magic: the Gathering EDH

Welcome MTG community to our channel, One More Mana. This is Command Center where discuss some of our favorite commanders in elder dragon highlander and some awesome synergies with those cards. If you enjoy the video please Support us on: Follow us on Twitter: Tweets by ManaSquad Follow us on Facebook: #EDH #MTG […]

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