Game Knights - Silver-Bordered Madness! Unsanctioned Commander l Game Knights #34 l Magic the Gathering Gameplay

This video is sponsored by Wizards of the Coast. Support the show by using our Card Kingdom affiliate link for your next Magic purchase: ---------- Show Notes: On this episode, Commander Advisory Group member Olivia Gobert-Hicks and MTG cosplayer Tappy Toe Claws are in the house to play Commander BUT, in honor of the […]

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MTG Muddstah - Kroxa vs Siona vs Atris vs Roon EDH / CMDR game play for Magic: The Gathering

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Playing With Power - Najeela Hulk vs Fish Hulk vs Medium Green vs Mohawk Sphinx - Competitive EDH - Playing With Power

Decklists Mohawk Sphinx: Medium Green: Flash Fried Sushi: Najeela Dreams of Sushi: Most Valuable Card: Our Playmats on This Episode: Hunters in the Snow: Botan, Midnight Visitor: Valentine Dragon: Dyrkottr Last of His Kind: Get Merchandise Here! Get Access to our Discord, extra videos and […]

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MagicalHacker - ? The Top Ten WORST Set of All MTG History - VAULT OF THE ARCHANGEL 05

Welcome to Vault of the Archangel! Today, instead of opening the vault and unveiling some sweet gems, we are opening the vault and taking out the trash! Will you agree with my list of the top ten worst sets in all of Magic: the Gathering history? Watch to find out! ? JOIN MY TEAM ON […]

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Landfall TV - Top 5 de las mejores cartas del 2019 | 2da parte | Landfall TV #30 I MTG en Español

Nuevo episodio de Landfall TV! Hoy la segunda parte del listado del top 5 de los colores, hoy es el turno de los colores Rojo, Verde e identidad Incolora salidas el 2019 y las explicamos!!!! --- El acceso a nuestro servidor de Discord está abierto para todo el mundo, sigue el link y participa en […]

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Commander Central - 183– Decks You Play Ghired Conclave Exile

Dana, Max and Chris are back for another Decks You Play. This week they go over patreon supporter Jordan’s Ghired Conclave Exile EDH deck. See how we tune up this brand new deck and help Jordan populate some wins! Jordan’s Deck: TeeSpring Link for CMDR Central Apparel: Support us on Patreon: Support […]

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Replacement Commanders - Mr. Steal Yo Shape!

cEDH Cast - Mastering Enchantments

Ian and Braden sit down to discuss their favorite enchantments. From Keranos to Mystic Remora and from Carpet of Flowers to Compost we discuss how enchantments work in cEDH and which decks they go into. Enchantments List:…/edit?usp=sharing Patreon: Twitter: @cedhcast Instagram: @cedhcast Reddit: /u/cedhcast Discord:

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[SPA] EntreCommanders - Commander Lore en español | Kaalia de la Vastedad

Commander Lore en español: La historia de Kaalia Narradora - Video -

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Pass The Turn - MTG: EDH: TOP 10: DEMONS

Welcome back to Pass The Turn Today Azz revisits an old Top 10 List! The top 10 demons for EDH, and his favourite creature type. Please use our affiliate/personal links if you're looking for any cards or products: BIG ORBIT CARDS: MAGIC MADHOUSE: AZZ's CARDS: TROY's CARDS: JOSH's CARDS:

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