Announcing EDHREC for Tiny Leaders!

Here at EDHREC, we are a small and community supported team so unfortunately we really have a hard time prioritizing what we should be working on. There are so many cool things we could be spending our time on and we sometimes have a really hard time figuring out which thing is next!

Well today, we're happy to announce that we decided to spend our sleepless nights on Tiny Leaders through a new website,!

If you don't know what Tiny Leaders is, it's basically a Commander variant where all your cards need to have a converted mana cost of 3 or less. Everything else is the same. Read more about it here.

Most of the core EDHREC features are there such as commander pages, the new decklists, rankings of commanders, rankings of cards, to name a few. Our hope is to help you navigate deck building for this format just like you can for Commander / EDH.

There are a few things currently missing. Based on the smaller card pool and fewer options for commanders, we felt like some of the features that are on EDHREC didn't make sense here. Most notably, theme breakdowns and advanced filters are missing. We think that once we are able to collect more decks we should be able to start enabling these things if people want them. Also, the commander list is not broken out by color identity since some identities only have one or two options.

Let us know what you think about this new section of EDHREC! In the future, we are planning on supporting other commander-like formats other than EDH and Tiny Leaders, if any of them come up.

Founder of EDHREC