Low Market — Hapatra, Vizier of Multitasking

Poisoned Words It's the week following Amonkhet spoiler season, and you know what that means! Or, maybe you don't, since this column has only existed for one prior set release. In which case: it's time to highlight one of the new legends! Without further ado, let me introduce our new snake-y friend, Hapatra, Vizier of […]

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Low Market — Sydri Aetherflux Storm

Something's Brewin' At one point in building an EDH deck, you have to stop and think about how to kill your opponents. Sometimes it's with your big angry commander (see: Rafiq of the Many). Sometimes, it's with your big angry Fireball (see: Mizzix of the Izmagnus). Sometimes, it's with your big angry horde of tokens (see: Rhys the […]

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Low Market — Unscythe, Killer of Wallets

Killer of Metagames For many intenet denizens, April Fools' Day is an opportunity for pranks ranging from the hilarious to the inane. Here at Low Market Headquarters, it's an opportunity for some...unconventional deck building. Maybe with, gee, I don't know... a multicolored legendary artifact – equipment? Yes, Unscythe! Now, as a non-creature card, Unscythe is […]

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Low Market — Ravos + Tymna Cleric Tribal

The Choice is Clear-ic Welcome back one and all to Low Market, and my apologies for my absolutely awful section-title pun. When coming up with budget decklists for this segment, sometimes I need to ponder a little bit before I come across a theme. But as a close friend pointed out: "Bryce, you love tribal […]

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Low Market — Roon Energy

The Realm of Possibilities In Low Market's long, storied, two-prior-articles history, we began with a commander, and then worked our way around to a theme. Today, we're going to walk on the wild side and approach deck building from a different direction: choose a theme and find the commander that suits it best. Now, if […]

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Low Market — Rishkar's Dork Army

Fight the Power Now that Aether Revolt is in the wild, we here at Low Market are doing our level best to stick it to the Man. We've located a druid sympathetic to the renegade cause, and he could really use a budget deck, so let's give him a hand! Exchange Rates In its base […]

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Low Market — Sedris Reanimator

Digging Deep Hello and welcome to the launch of Low Market! I'm Bryce Miller, Commander fiend and co-host of the Talking Atlas podcast. This brand-new series of articles works to satisfy your Commander deck cravings without decimating your wallet! That is, a low budget build. Low budget means different things to different people. Most players set a budget […]

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