CMDR Ninety Nine - Paper Commander Live at the Time - Imoti 💧🌳- Mazirek 💀🌳- Ghen ☀️🔥💀 - Jalira 🐋 - Webcam EDH Gameplay

Friday Night. December 18th 2020. Brandon of MTG Lexicon redefines what the word fune means. With a new crew of wonderful creators from around the Magic the Gathering Commander community joining us for a game of Webcam EDH Live. Starting with a fresh new build from Commander Legends Austin has put together with Simic 6 cmc tribal. The cost reduction and ramp really make this deck explode as seen in an earlier gameplay on Commander Replay's channel with Mana Curves and ALK Alters. Davie will hopefully return to play with us at some point with this sweet Mazirek Sacrifice deck. Ghen again. This time not a sealed all star from One More Mana Squad, but a deck tech and a gameplay from Chain of Commander. That's everybody. No one else in this gameplay video. We forgot all about Brandon's Jalira list soon after.

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