CMDR Ninety Nine - Paper Commander Live (At the Time) Webcam Virtual EDH Gameplay - Akiri/ Gavi/ Jengatha/ Omnath

Paper Commander Livestreaming. Two games in one week? There's going to be plenty more where this came from. So check us out as we go live weekly with some webcam Commander games. This week we have some more special guests from around the Commander Community. Austin back again playing a new list that was Boros Equipment to honor P.J. and his love for the strategy. Commander Replay is mana laundering? Tapping that? It's 5 color activated abilities. Mr. Bevers is so confident that he's playing the Ikoria Lair of Behemoths precon Timeless Wisdom. Haven't seen enough four color Omnath? Claybee's got you covered with their own unique build tokens matter for Omnath.

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