CMDR Ninety Nine - Paper Commander Live (At the Time) Webcam Virtual EDH Gameplay - Omnath - Gyruda - Niambi - Kaheera

Paper Commander Livestreaming. This is the first we've done in some time. There's going to be plenty more where this came from. We've streamlined the process quite a bit. It's become much easier. So check us out as we go live weekly with some webcam Commander games. This week we have some more special guests from around the Commander Community. Austin back again playing a new list that was build in paper for Omnath lifegain landfall. Play a land gain 4. Profit? Chris YOUR Commander Mechanic has a special brew here. It's just Gyrudas. Dimir partners as it is just doesn't match the sheer number of Gyrudas this deck plays. Do you like Legendary permants? Do you ever pay the 1 for Rhystic Study? Niambi discards legends for pure value reanimator. Sure. Nethroi is great. What's even better? Setting us a clever deckbuilding restriction to make it more for your casual playgroup. Kaheera as a Companion just jus that.

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