Combining Hobbies — All Hail the God-Walker

Hey everyone! Kya here!

Welcome back to another edition of Combining Hobbies. My Tyranid army has grown considerably already since my last article. Warhammer is definitely fun but nothing really fills that need for the occasional EDH game. Something just feels comforting sitting at a table with friends and slinging spells. Speaking of Tyranids though, have you guys seen Beyond Skyline on Netflix? It's like Tyranid meet Protoss. Worry not though, despite my occasional new obsession, my MTG collection is growing strong with some powerful recent pulls! Honestly, Dominaria has been the chosen set we've been waiting for. Even for us exclusive EDH-only players. Dominaria is definitely the home for this girl; however, my home has been under recent attacks from the Tyrand/Sliver and Orks/Orcs in my previous article. Thankfully I recently pulled the perfect answer to these invading threats! This also gave me the perfect excuse to finally make a deck with the hilariously great but not great Alaborn cards... bwahahaha!

*Small disclaimer, nothing below is real MTG Lore. This is all in the mind of an obsessive gamer girl who can't compartmentalize. Still though, it was fun pulling from old forgotten MTG lore to help spark my imagination.

Glory to the God-Walker

So who will be the final defense to continue to keep my loving home safe from invading forces? Well, the inhabitants of course, the human race. Weak by themselves in nature, the humans must struggle together to strive off constant threats. Normally an impossible task with all the nightmares that go bump in the dark, however the great God-Walker Urza has saved us all from complete destruction in the past. Through the ashes of his divine might, an increasingly spread religion has spread on Dominaria to spread his glory. Yes, glory be to the God-Walker Urza. May his grace forever bathe in the plane of Dominaria. Granted he is now resting in the great silver Throne-Golem, Karn, Scion of Urza, we humble servants continue to follow his divinity in the hopes he shall return once more.

The Windgrace Legion

Although we are all band together under the banner of Urza, there are many different factions within the great and imaginary empire. In the beginning under Urza's elite forces, the Primarch Lord Windgrace assisted our great Emperor in his greatest time of need. Although our beloved Primarch is now lost to the warp(rift), we of the Windgrace Legion continue to protect the Alaborn city from its many threats. Under it's current command is the great Commander Aryel, Knight of Windgrace.

What a perfect representation for the Imperium! She matches their colors perfectly and she has very fun abilities. Is she over powered? Not by any means, but she creates enough life and destruction for a casual EDH deck. What's awesome is she is able to swing thanks to Vigilance and also use her abilities before your next turn. I bet that was probably missed by a few people when they first looked at her.

The Windgrace Guard

The cards they want you to forget. What a perfect time to add in these old cards with gun-toting ladies and knights? Did you know we used to have cards that depicted people with guns? Something we wont see again in all likelihood. I'm not going to lie, these gunners are half my reason for creating this deck. I love owning discontinued themes or products from various hobbies I partake in. Not so much for the value but because it shows a growth in my hobbies creators. It's really interesting seeing milestones of where a company climbs just within their products themselves. To think that guns were an avenue Wizards was once okay with but then suddenly and aggressively went against, even to this day. Yes our Alaborn soldiers are not very good, but that's half the point! Don't worry though, they're only meant to make our Knights look good.

The Knight Marines

Say hello to the elites of the Windgrace Legion! Some great inclusions for any Knights deck. You would be surprised how many knights have First Strike! This makes Kwende, Pride of Femeref a fun inclusion. Although alone they may not be able to handle the Sliver swarm, together they make a mighty force! However their poor human bodies will have difficulty alone if not equipped properly...

The Mini-Power Swords

There we go! Now they're ready to go out and take on swarms of the impure! We have sword ready to cut, armor ready to defend, and banners ready to wave! Let's see our enemies try and break our ranks now! The one great thing about EDH is, even if you don't have powerful creatures by themselves, there are always dozens of equipment that will help buff them up. Seriously how disgusting is Konda's Banner in tribal decks? Even Stoneforge Masterwork works dangerously with our commander. Nothing helps push the narrative of humanity more then having their inventions give them the boost they need to cross a normally impossible finish line.

Psychic Phase?

Of course we can't forget my favorite phase. All hail the God-Walker! His light will shine forth and wipe clean those who are unworthy! Sure, if it hits some of us, that is just the price we must pay for the glory of the empire! Of course as we all know, humans are a troubled race indeed. Although the goals and the overall aim of our empire is just, sometimes we must pull the darkness out from ourselves to fight fire with fire. Unless we say that isn't okay. Then that's obvious heresy that needs purging with a good old Anguished Unmaking! We shall not allow the temptations of Nicol Bolas to corrupt our hearts!


Here is the deck list of our favorite new empire. May it be worthy in the God-Walker's Eyes.

Closing Thoughts

I hope everyone enjoyed this last set of Warhammer-inspired deck creation articles. I really wasn't sure what I wanted to do for the Imperium aspect outside of going General Tazri. However this last pulled pack really opened a spark of creativity that honestly was lacking for me with EDH for a while. I was suspicious of Brawl at first, but with Wizards appearing to push out more legendary support and I believe as a result we can once again pursue more fun deck designs. Not just with the newer cards but mixing with the older cards as well. I think one of the biggest issues EDH has faced for some time is people abandoning creativity and going strictly after power. It's been fun looking up what other people have been doing with these newer legendary cards as well. Has anyone else found something new that they haven't been able to do before until this last set? I would love to hear your thoughts!



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