Commander Mechanic - Gyruda | Florian + Obosh | Neera, Wild Mage | Zellix, Sanity Flayer πŸ›  Commander Deck Updates

#EDH #Commander #mtg
Even YOUR Commander Mechanic goes back and tunes up decks - join me for some updates and revisions to some favorite decks and some recent decks!

0:00 - Intro
0:36 - Too Many Gyrudas
3:40 - Florian + Obosh "I Choose You!"
5:53 - Neera Wild Mage "Infinite Kitten"
7:04 - Zellix + Inspiring Leader cEDH Mill
8:38 - Outtro

Too Many Gyrudas:

Florian + Obosh (old):
Florian + Obosh (new):

Neera Wild Mage Cat Combo:

Zellix + Inspiring Leader:

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