Commander Quest - Before YOU Brew Grolnok, The Omnivore!

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I use the playedh’s power level guidelines find them here
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憂鬱 & Voyage - 憂鬱 - 09 Curius
thumbnail art: grolnok, the omnivore by simon dominic
jumpstart your brewing:
i should've emphasized the use of traumatize in grolnok decks in the video, good card!
Frogs in simic:
landfall in simic:
frogs or changelings or things that mention frogs or let you choose a creature type in simic:
Self mill in simic:
Grolnok’s EDHREC page:
300$ budget example (rough idea, untuned):
128$ budget example:$100_Grolnok
20$ budget example:
0:00 intro
0:13 reading the card
0:34 archetypes
0:41 frog tribal
2:08 self mill
3:20 landfall
3:50 jumpstart brewing
3:54 good cards in grolnok
4:20 outro