Commander Quest - How To Brew an EDH Deck From Jank! (Giveaway)

I built a Deck entirely out of my collection, and gave you some tips on how to do the same! And if I hit 500 subscribers before 2022 I will give the deck away!
The decklist:
Giveaway details:
if I hit 500 Subscribers before 2022 i will give the deck away. you have until 1/4/2021 to submit the form. entries are limited to one per person. if you are selected i will message you through the provided contact information. you will have 24 hours to respond- if you don't respond i will draw a new winner. no guarantees are made about shipping time, it may be a while. you will win the deck, 100 sleeves, and a cheap deckbox. because of laws you can only enter if you are above 18 and live in the USA.
Giveaway form:
HOME - Before The Night - Pyxis
HOME – Odyssey - oort cloud
HOME – Odyssey - Resonance
HOME - Before The Night – We’re Finally landing
憂鬱 - 憂鬱 - Sun
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0:00 how to
1:00 searching 10,000 cards
11:56 choosing commander
12:50 making cuts
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