Commander Quest - How To Use Archidekt!
Archidekt upgraded the search box while this video was being made, i take full credit for the idea the information is still mostly correct.
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HOME- Odyssey- Resonance
HOME- Odyssey- Oort Cloud
HOME- Before The Night- Pyxis
HOME- Before The Night- We're finally landing
0:09 sandbox or deck
1:20 deck creation screen
1:28 Add cards by search
2:40 set as commander
2:55 save the deck
3:14 deck details
4:07 in deck search
4:25 add more cards
4:35 undo, redo, deleted
4:55 edit through text
5:08 Use of EDHREC
5:50 Forums
6:15 Categories
8:12 deck search
9:20 deck stats
9:30 playtest
10:03 price
10:29 card menu
11:06 card page
11:18 exporting
11:36 purchase your deck
11:40 dark mode
11:44 deck settings
11:56 outro
I wanted to complete the clicking/ dragging/ typing SFX but i had to upload this before i left for vacation.