Commander Quest - Lynde, Cheerful Tormentor 100$ Budget Deck Tech

The deck:
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MTG Art:
Lynde, Cheerful Tormentor by Anna Steinbauer 0:57-1:05
Curse of Clinging Webs by Marie Magny 1:15-1:23
Infectious Curse by Wesley Burt 1:34-1:40
Curse of Clinging Webs by Marie Magny 1:40-1:46
Curse of Silence by Irina Nordsol 1:51-2:00
Curse of Shaken Faith by Campbell White 2:01-2:10
Cruel Reality by Kieran Yanner 2:11-2:20
Curse of Shallow Graves by Karla Ortiz 2:21-2:30
Shiny Impetus by Svetlin Velinov 2:30-2:40
Parasitic Impetus by Mila Pesic 2:41-2:50
Vow of Lightning by Randy Vargas 2:51-3:01
Vow of Malice by Jesper Ejsing 3:02- 3:11
Kardur Doomscourge by Chris Rahn 3:12-3:21
Estrid's Invocation by Johannes Voss 3:22-3:32
Replication Technique by Viko Menezes 3:32-3:44
Grim Guardian by Ryan Barger 3:56-4:07
Lightning Greaves by Jeremy Jarvis 4:07-4:17
Negate by Willian Murai 4:18-4:27
Brash Taunter by Svetlin Velinov 4:28-end