Commander Tactics - Kenrith, The 'Enchantment' King | Commander Deck Tech #27 | $150 Budget

With all the new enchantments coming into the format from Theros Beyond Death, we had to put together a newly comprised enchantress decks. One of the problems with enchantment bassed decks is they can feel linear and have only a handful of options for commanders. Thats why we thought outside the box and built a 5 color enchantment deck only utilizing the 3 primary enchantment colors and being helmed by the man of the hour, Kenrith the returned king. We hope you enjoy the journey afar as we explore new options for an already popular archetype!

New video every Friday! Thanks for checking out the video and we'll see you guys for the next one!

Full Decklist:,_The_Enchanted_King_-_3_Color_Kenny



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