Commanderin’ – E183 Commander 2020 Preview Cards

Howdy folks! We are back from a hiatus with new FREE preview cards given to us by Wizards of the Coast, and with a new host(ess!) Everyone please welcome Natalie “Nate” Palagonia to the show! She goes by Amarisse for most game-related stuff, and we are both on MTG Arena and willing to play, especially with patrons of the show!

Please take the time to help us out at:

Nate played Magic waaaay back in the day, and has recently restarted by playing Commander and Brawl (perhaps to excess… but we digress). She’s already up to speed and will help us with some “newbie insights” episodes, as well as present a viewpoint unique to our full-time hosts on this show.

We also expect her to be recruited to the CAG like two of our recent hosts, but have asked Sheldon for at least 6 months to have her alone… he has not committed. 😉

You can find us both on Arena, so send us a friend request and join our Discord channel to discuss playing with us:

Nate: Amarisse#81952
Phil: ketjak#38904

In the meantime, we bring your our lovely Commander 2020 preview cards – three of them! – and immediately found a home for them in our decks:

Avenging Huntbonder
Vitality Hunter
Slippery Bogbonder

Check out our video to see us discuss them live! Let us know what you think in the comments, here and on YouTube!

Thanks for your continued support!

Phil (and Natalie)

PS We’ll talk about our hiatus – and announce our last contest winners – on an upcoming show.

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