Commanders Brew - How To Brew Ratadrabik | Are There Enough Legendaries?

Unsure how to brew ratadrabik? Are there enough legendaries? There's enough to brew a few different angles on the deck! I'll walk you through the brewing process for this Orzhov Commander. Let me know which angle appeals to you the most!

00:00 Intro
00:27 The Fake Ad
01:25 Ratadrabik
02:33 General Good Stuff
03:34 Sac Legendaries
04:30 Recursion Instants
05:22 Reanimation Legends
07:49 Ravos
08:10 Go Wide Legendaries
11:36 Generally Awesome Legendaries
12:38 Vampire Subtheme
13:17 Stax Subtheme

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