Cure for the Common Game - Every Throne of Eldraine Commander Deck

(Enter the Infinite | Art by Terese Nielson)

A Game of Thrones... of Eldraine

Welcome back to Cure for the Common Game, where I'm building a Commander deck for every legendary creature! Today I will be covering the 19 new legends from Throne of Eldraine.

Deck #478 - Syr Faren, the Hengehammer

We start off with a two-mana 2/2 who's riding a Bear, but is not a Bear. Time for some good ol' fashioned beats!

Deck #479 - Syr Konrad, the Grim

There are so many fun ways to trigger Konrad, it makes you sad when all your opponents are dead and you have to stop.

Deck #480 - Rankle, Master of Pranks

Three abilities? Does that make this card a 'charm' like all the other three-mode cards out there? Naya Charm, Sultai Charm, etc? A combat-damage-based charm commander?? Where do I sign up???

Deck #481 - Grumgully, the Generous

Tricksy things with +1/+1 counters in this Gruul deck that is completely devoid of who-mons.

Deck #482 - Gadwick the Wizened

I'm glad they made this card, even though they had to tweak some rules to make it work. I've always wanted a Wizard who is also a Braingeyser.

Deck #483 - Torbran, Thane of Red Fell

I'll admit, Torbran has me excited for mono-red. It's gonna be real hard not to put one in every red deck, ever.

Deck #484 - Questing Beast

Did you almost forget this thing is legendary? I sure did. Why isn't it at least called 'THE' Questing Beast?

Deck #485 - Syr Gwen, Hero of Ashvale

Ah, the first of the Brawl-manders! Meet the Knight who loves Equipment!

Deck #486 - Linden, the Steadfast Queen

I know. It's... not great. But I swore to build all the commanders, dang it, so we're doing this!

Deck #487 - Ayara, First of Locthwain

No pain, no gain. Or rather, lots of pain, and lots of drain, and lots of gain in Locthwain.

Deck #488 - Syr Carah, the Bold

Outpost Siege on a commander? I'm listening.

Deck #489 - Syr Alin, the Lions Claw

What you would expect from an uncommon legend. Let's see if we can make it work.

Deck #490 - Korvold, Fae Cursed King


Deck #491 - Chulane, Teller of Tales

We were all pretty scared by how busted this commander could be, and with good reason. By the way, Aluren is one amazing card.

Deck #492 - Alela, Artful Provocateur

Three-color "flying tribal"? Seems decent.

Deck #497 - Emry, Lurker of the Loch

You know, I was just wishing the other day for a way to recur Nevinyrral's Disk.

(PS: Don't mind the number jumps; I built a few non-Eldraine commanders in between some of these.)

Deck #503 - Yorvo, Lord of Garenbrig

I love how Yorvo interprets token creatures as permanent buffs. What exactly is he doing with those Saprolings?

Deck #504 - Syr Elenora, the Discerning

Mono-blue card draw seems pretty good, especially when it allows you to one-shot players out of the game.

Deck #505 - Kenrith, the Returned King

There are so many fun ways to build Kenrith. I personally wanted to play with a lot of five-color cards, because we don't get many chances to rock that Fist of Suns.

Bonus Time!

19 new legendary creatures is a lot for a Standard-legal set, or any set, for that matter. It's more than most dedicated Commander sets! These were a ton of fun to build and play. I love the storybook elements and just the overall flavor. I'm certainly looking forward to all of the Commander goodness happening in 2020.

In celebration of reaching 500 decks, I want to share with you all the video for deck #500. I know it's not from Eldraine... in fact, it's quite a bit older than that... but as this is a landmark event, Ithought you might want to see it.

I present Deck #500 - Angus Mackenzie!

Thank you all for reading, watching, and most importantly, playing this amazing format.

Here's to 500 more!

~Brian Canada

Brian Canada is a husband, father, grandfather who is so addicted to EDH that he has taken on a mission to build a deck of every legendary creature ever made, and in his spare time he sells groceries.

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