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Cut-Rate Commander - Episode 61 - Featuring Shanna Purifying Blade from Dominaria United
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The former captain for the Weatherlight - Shanna Purifying Blade - makes her way from Dominaria United to lead our latest build - and she's going to show our opponents just how to use life again to win games!

In this build, we’ll be building around Shanna’s Well of Lost Dreams like effect to generate us consistent value as we gain life – while simultaneously using traditional life gain payoffs to build and grow our board. So of course, we’ll be running the best passive life gainers our colors have to offer – insuring that almost every action we take, whether it be draw cards, summon creatures, or play lands, generates us a steady stream of life gain. And as our life totals tick up, so will our board – as we’ll have plenty of means to turn our life gain into creature tokens to grow our board or into +1/+1 counter generation to make our existing creatures even bigger – allowing us to overwhelm our opponents with our insurmountable life totals and superior boardstates.

Let me know if the comments below if you agree with my choices and/or what you would add to the deck instead. Also, let me know know who you would like to see next by voting on in the comments on the three choices of commander listed at the end of the video.

Decklist -

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00:00 – Introduction
00:40 – Commander & Playstyle
03:26 – Creature
14:37 – Instant
15:23 – Sorcery
17:18 - Enchantment
21:59 – Artifact
22:28 – Land
23:46 – Breakdown
26:39 – Closing Thoughts