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Cut-Rate Commander - Episode 37 - Featuring Timothar, Baron of Bats
The power hungry vampire lord of House Markov joins us today in the latest Cut-Rate Commander build, leading his personal army of vampire cronies that he's just as likely to use against our opponents as he is to consume them for power, restoring their forms either way to ensure they don't stay dead for long.

Aiming to make the most of his ability to return vampires into play as they die by turning them into bat tokens, this build will be a aristocrats focused one - getting vampires onboard with ETB and Death Triggers that we will be sacing away for value for Timothar to later return to play and allow us to get their ETB/Death Triggers again - ranking from beneficial triggers such as card advantage, to offensive ones such as AOE drain. And to improve this decks consistency, we'll be relying on a the plethora of Tutor effects our color has to offer, ensuring we do not need to topdeck and hope to draw into the cards we need as we can simple bring them to hand whenever we may need them. From there, we just need to keep Timothar alive through our protection sources and he and his brood will drain our opponents dry in no time at all.

Let me know if the comments below if you agree with my choices and/or what you would add to the deck instead. Also, let me know know who you would like to see next by voting on in the comments on the three choices of commander listed at the end of the video.

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