Dungeon Learner's Guide - Brallin & Shabraz (Teferi's Veil): Commander's Guild Deck Tech/Gameplay

Decklist: https://scryfall.com/@13poynz/decks/6806f0e2-a742-4b49-9daa-de64c3ccc7e1

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Welcome to episode 93 of the Commander's Guild: "A Myriad of Card Draw" Every week I go to scryfall.com and randomly select a card, making a budget (under $100) commander deck around it and showcasing a gameplay video of the deck. This week I'm joined by AngryCow, Bilal, and Nina.

This week's random card is Teferi's Veil (Suggested by Razorcrest999 on Reddit) and uses Brallin, Skyshark Rider & Shabraz, the Skyshark as the partner commanders. Teferi's Veil interacts with Myriad in a very unique way that helps make this deck very powerful. By stacking our triggers at the end of combat we can use Teferi's Veil to phase out our Myriad tokens before they have to exile themselves, meaning we get to keep them around and use them to keep accruing value!

If you have suggestions for any future deck ideas (or want to request a specific card to build around), let me know in the comments. Hope you enjoy it!

0:00 - Deck Tech
26:33 - Gameplay
40:29 - Wrap-Up

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