Dungeon Learner's Guide - Othelm & Cecily (Naked Singularity): Commander's Guild Deck Tech/Gameplay

Decklist: https://scryfall.com/@13poynz/decks/1d9835e4-24f8-4c1d-994f-3f4f5f46de86

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Welcome to episode 96 of the Commander's Guild: "Chaos, Confusion, and Counters. Oh My!" Every week I go to scryfall.com and randomly select a card, making a budget (under $100) commander deck around it and showcasing a gameplay video of the deck. This week I'm joined by Jason, Shawn, and Bilal.

This week's random card (which was suggested by Fanace5 on Reddit) is Naked Singularity and uses Othelm, Sigardian Outcast & Cecily, Haunted Mage as the partner commanders. This deck is a strange mix between cards that care about cumulative upkeep and soft stax effects. Our main goal, though, is to stick a Solemnity to keep all of our cumulative upkeep cards on the board.

If you have suggestions for any future deck ideas (or want to request a specific card to build around), let me know in the comments. Hope you enjoy it!

0:00 - Deck Tech
21:25 - Gameplay
31:39 - Wrap-Up

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