Hello, everyone! Here at EDHREC, we’re interested in helping everyone get the most out of their EDH experience and improve as players and deck-builders. We compiled this list of resources to further aid you in your EDH endeavors. This is by no means definitive, so feel free to make suggestions. Thanks for supporting EDHREC and these other quality content creators.

Deck List Sites 

Tapped Out allows players to browse decks by commander, post their own decks and comment on others’ builds.

MTG Salvation has a section in their forums dedicated to EDH decklists.

Metamox comes highly recommended by its users and has a comprehensive database.

MTG Top8 is mostly for competitive formats but has some results from EDH tournaments.

Deck stats is a useful site and has some decent tools. Give it a try.

Articles Series

Unified Theory of Commander by Jason Rice is one of the best reads out there.

Bennie Smith has been writing about EDH for years and there’s a reason for that. One of the best in the game!

75% Theory of EDH is an alternate approach to building that less spikey players may find resonates with them.

Sheldon Menery is the EDH OG and he’s on the Rules Committee so it pays to see what he’s talking about.


The Command Zone is a great podcast with entertaining hosts and great information.

Commanderin‘ is another excellent ‘cast. It’s relatively new but has a large following already.

Commander’s Brew is frequently cited among the top EDH podcasts.

Elder Dragon Durdle is a fun podcast out of Croatia with an interesting International perspective on the game. The cast is in English and is a great listen.

Rival’s Duel is a very informative and entertaining listen and has quite a following.


Commander Vs. Series is put out by Star City Games and keeps getting better.

Tolarian Community College frequently has great EDH content and the channel is worth subscribing to.

Miscellaneous Resources

Manabase Crafter has a very self-explanatory name but it’s an excellent resource and full of great suggestions.

Duel Commander ban list is a resource to help people building Duel, or “French” decks because the ban list is not the same as the standard EDH ban list.

Commandercast has articles and several podcasts and is well worth checking out.