Extra Turns - Bonkers Battle Between Brilliant Brewmasters | Extra Turns 31 | Magic Gathering Commander Gameplay

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Show Notes:

We’re back with some fresh brews from the CZ crew in another episode of Extra Turns! Rachel, Craig, Murph, and VFX artist Evan Limberger bring in their spiciest decks for a game full of huge swings and decisive plays. Who will come out on top in this literal slugfest (you’ll get that joke soon)? Join us and find out!

It’s Sidisi vs. Sedris vs. Sidar & Ludevic vs. Rona


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Deck Lists:

Sidisi Deck List (Rachel):

Sedris Deck List (Craig):

Rona Deck List (Evan):

Sidar & Ludevic Deck List (Murph):


Directed by: Josh Murphy
Edited by: Terry Robertson
Post Production Supervisor: Josh Murphy
Executive Producer: Josh Lee Kwai
Co-Producer: Jimmy Wong
Additional Editing by: Josh Murphy and Arthur Meadowcroft
Special FX and GFX: Terry Robertson
Director of Photography: Jake Boss
Sound Mix: Josh Murphy


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