Extra Turns - Budget Battle! Strixhaven Precon Upgrades | Extra Turns #12 | Magic: The Gathering EDH Gameplay

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Show Notes:

You’ve watched our C21 Commander precon budget upgrade guides, now it’s time to see the decks in action! Ladee Danger (Witherbloom), Josh Murphy (Lorehold), Jordan Pridgen (Silverquill), and Josh Lee Kwai (Quandrix) put their Strixhaven lists to the test the only way that really matters: By duking it out! Which college will achieve top marks? Get ready to find out!

It’s Esix vs. Osgir vs. Willowdusk vs. Breena


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Ladee's Witherbloom (Willowdusk) Budget Upgrade List:

Jordan's Silverquill (Breena) Budget Upgrade List:

JLK's Quandrix (Esix) Budget Upgrade List:

Murph's Lorehold (Osgir) Budget Upgrade List:



Directed by: Josh Lee Kwai
Edited by: Terry Robertson
Post Production Supervisor: Josh Murphy
Additional Editing by: Josh Murphy
Special FX and GFX: Terry Robertson
Director of Photography: Jake Boss
Sound Mix: Jake Boss & Josh Murphy


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