Game Knights - All Will Be One: Ixhel vs Ezuri vs Urtet vs Chiss-Goria l Game Knights 60 l Magic Commander MTG EDH

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Show Notes:

Ready for a Commander game that’s out of this world? No trip to the poisonous plane of New Phyrexia would be compleat without the one and only “Mr. Infect.” That’s right, in this exciting new episode of Game Knights, Craig Blanchette faces off against Rachel, Jimmy, and Josh with toxically terrifying decks featuring the brand new cards from Phyrexia: All Will Be One. Who will rise to perfection and who will be compleately crushed?

It’s Ixhel vs. Chiss-Goria vs. Ezuri vs. Urtet

All Will Be One…. but ONLY ONE MAY STAND! (Don’t overthink it, people.)


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Where to find Craig online:
Twitter: @craigblanchette


Deck Lists:

Rachel’s Chiss-Goria Decklist:

Jimmy’s Ezuri Decklist:

Craig’s Ixhel Decklist:

Josh’s Urtet Decklist:



Directed by: Jake Boss
Executive Producer: Josh Lee Kwai
Co-Producer: Jimmy Wong
Lead Editor: Josh Murphy
Edited by: Manson Leung
Lead VFX: Sam Waldow
VFX Artist: Evan Limberger
Production Design: Ladee Danger
Assistant Art Director: Steve Winsett
Post Production Supervisor: Jake Boss
Assistant Editor: Arthur Meadowcroft
Director of Photography: Jon Salmon
Key Grip: Jamie Sutor
Sound Mix: Jake Boss & Josh Murphy
Theme Music: Post Malone
Judge: Jamie Block
Writers: Jordan Pridgen & Jamie Block
Production Assistant: Gabriel Pozos, Eric Lem
Special FX PAs: Gaurav Gulati, Damen Lenz, Megan Yip, Evan Limberger, Arthur Meadowcroft, Gabriel Pozos, Eric Lem, Josh Murphy, Manson Leung, Ladee Danger, Sam Waldow, Jordan Pridgen, Jamie Block, Jake Boss

Jhoira, Elesh Norn (voice): Ladee Danger
Urza (voice): Jordan Pridgen
Ezuri (voice): Damen Lenz


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