Gemstone Mine - Okotoberfest 2022 Tournament Report

What happens when you bring a fringe deck 2-color deck with a Commander-centric combo to the largest in-person paper cEDH tournament in US history? John breaks down a round-by-round recounting of Okotoberfest 2022, where he piloted an Azorius Vhal, Candlekeep Researcher deck to a top 16 finish! Want to hear how this fringe deck managed to make it that far into the tournament? Want to sample the spice? You came to the right place!
00:00 Introduction
00:32 Tournament Structure
01:13 Azorius Vhal Untap Combo
02:28 Round 1
03:50 Round 2
05:20 Round 3
07:04 Round 4
07:53 Round 5
09:22 Round 6
11:52 Round 7
12:38 Quarterfinals
14:22 Semifinals
15:30 Closing Thoughts
- The Top 16 Decklist:
- Azorius Vhal Untap Combo (maintained going forward):
- Shoutouts to Varless and Adam from SadNaus:
- Shoutout to Surreal from Round 6 who knew *exactly* what kind of nonsense I was getting up to:
- Shoutout to Cyrus from Mental Misplay in the Semifinals, and condolences on Tevesh Szat's untimely countering:
- Our theme song is "Lonely Satellite" by Bio Unit licensed via Creative Commons
- Find us on Twitter at @gemstoneminemtg
- Reach us via email at

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