Gemstone Mine - Simic Vhal Untap Combo -- Video Primer

We've got a deck we're excited to share! Fresh out of Commander Legends 2: Battle for Baldur's Gate comes a combo deck that can grind value and hold its own in combat. If you've played cEDH decks like Evolution or Dawnwaker Thrasios and are looking for a unique deck that blends combo and value engines, Simic Vhal Untap Combo may be for you!
00:00 Introduction
01:12 Deck Concept
04:54 Interactions and Decisions
07:45 Liberating Our Mana
09:18 Winning the Game
11:59 Mulligans
13:42 Closing Thoughts
- The decklist is available at:
- Our theme song is "Lonely Satellite" by Bio Unit licensed via Creative Commons
- Background music for this episode is "Maze" by Bio Unit licensed via Creative Commons
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