Gemstone Mine - State of Blue Counterspells -- Part 1

It's time to dig deep again as this week we take a look at all of the best counterspells that Blue has to offer, starting from the free all the way up to spells at six or even seven mana! "The best" counterspell isn't always the best choice for your deck, and sometimes a card which other players might rate very lowly is *perfect* for what your deck wants to do!
00:00 Introduction
01:39 Defining Counterspells
03:00 Destigmatizing Counterspells
04:03 Goals for the Episode
08:17 Free Counterspells
18:20 1 Mana Value Counterspells
- Shoutouts this week to and @moxfieldmtg for all the great tools for deckbuilding and to for keeping that technology of Shadowbag ticking in the back of my brain
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