Gemstone Mine - Toluz's Sickening Dreams -- Instant Brew

One of the ways that many Commanders send you on a deckbuilding journey is to turn your assumptions about what makes a card fit into your deck upside down. Some of our favorite commanders let us completely change our evaluation of cards. This week, we go on such a journey with Toluz, Clever Conductor as we look at what happens when discarding a card becomes almost a negligible cost.
00:00 Introduction
00:39 Let's Get Brewing!
25:09 Closing Thoughts
- Shoutouts this week to and @moxfieldmtg for all the great tools for deckbuilding and to for keeping that technology of Shadowbag ticking in the back of my brain
- Our theme song is "Lonely Satellite" by Bio Unit licensed via Creative Commons
- Background music for this episode is "Maze" by Bio Unit licensed via Creative Commons
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