Illusionmaker MTG - Underplayed Commander Spotlight #4 - Tibor and Lumia [GER/ENG sub]

In this episode of Underplayed Commander Spotlight I like to present Tibor and Lumia, a couple who I think is ready to overthrow the current leader of the Izzet-Guild!

- - - - -
Magic the Gathering is a collectible card games published and owned by Wizards of the Coast.
I do not own any of the art in the video and the artists* should be credited for them!

*Yeong-Hao Han
*John Avon
*Svetlin Velinov
*Noha Bradley
*Rob Alexander

- - - - -
Music - "Weekend in Tattoine" by "Unicorn Heads" taken from the YT-Audio-Library.

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