Into the 99 - Into the 99 Live Edh episode 1 - Go Shintai vs Ikra Shidiqi / Prava vs Captain Sisay vs Elas il Kor

On this episode of live edh game play we have

Go Shintai vs Ikra Shidiqi / Prava vs Captain Sisay vs Elas il Kor

Go Shintai of Lifes Orgin is an enchantment based deck based on pumping out shrines. It is being played by Greg

Ikra Shidiqi, The Usurper is paired with Prava of The Steel Legion. This deck pumps out tons of creatures and gains massive amounts of life. It is being played by Logan

Captain Sisay is a deck that allows you to fetch legendary cards out of your deck giving it a very unique tool box. It is being played by Alex

Elas il-Kor, Sadistic Pilgrim is a life gain deck based around draining your opponents and gaining huge amounts of life. It is being played by Brian

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