Jake and Joel are Magic - 5 Ways Modern Horizons II Changes Commander Forever

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In this video, Joel reviews some of his favorite cards from Modern Horizons II and talks about how the design of some of the best EDH cards in the set foretell what might be in the future for Commander design.

Garth One-Eye seems to imply there are new ways of obtaining copies of spells - even spells from the Reserved List. Esper Sentinel continues the tradition of printing Commander staples directly into the format. Even the Incarnations like Solitude or Subtlety are going to be used at the highest levels of competitive EDH play. It's interesting watching how a new set might indicate where we're going with design - let's dive into it!

edited by Joe Edgin (https://twitter.com/JomaEdge)


More info on Modern Horizons II:
Like Modern Horizons before, this set introduces new cards into Modern and eternal formats without them ever being legal in Standard.[7] It features a host of powerful new toolbox cards, strong themes to try out, and several throwbacks. The set was unique in its development in that it brought in four high-profile Magic personalities (Zac Elsik, Sam Black, Brian Braun-Duin, and Brad Nelson, the latter two of whom were in the Magic Pro League at the time) to consult.[9][10]

This set contains 303 regular cards (101 commons, 100 uncommons, 78 rares, 24 mythic rares) and includes randomly inserted premium versions of all cards.[11] New cards and in-Modern reprints are numbered #001-#261, while the New-to-Modern reprints are numbered #262-#303. Alternate card frames have another card number than the original version. Borderless planeswalkers are numbered #304-306, followed by the other borderless cards #307-326. The (54) showcase "sketch cards" are numbered #327-380. The (61) retro frame cards are #381-441 and cards with extended artwork are numbered #442-480 and Bundle basic lands are #481-490[12], the Buy-a-Box card is #491 and the Bundle promo is #492. MH1 retro frame cards (only found in Collector Boosters) are numbered separately #1-40 with set code ???

All five enemy colored fetch lands appear at rare in the set and can be found in regular Draft Boosters.[4] The Set - and Collector Boosters include extended art versions and retro (pre-Modern) card frame treatments for the fetch lands and many other cards.[8][13] Another frame treatment is seen on the showcase "sketch cards". These feature the artist's sketch of the main card artwork, and only is featured for new cards.[8][13] Instead of flavor text, some of them feature fragments from the art description that was sent to the artists when creating each card's artwork.

(from https://mtg.fandom.com/wiki/Modern_Horizons_2)

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