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Hello, and welcome to the Secret Commander Tech, a short version of our Commander Sleeper Series! Joel is talking about Portcullis in this video, an artifact for Commander decks that limits how many creatures can enter the battlefield!

When Pioneer was announced, we knew that we needed to cover each Pioneer-legal set and sift through the bulk for cards with hidden potential. We had so much fun doing the Pioneer Sleeper Series, that we decided it would be a great project to attempt to cover Commander (EDH) from a similar perspective: What are cheap cards that have good commander playablity and value? In this series, we attempt to answer that question! What is the best commander card from each set, on a budget? What are the commander sleepers?

What is Commander:
Commander, officially recognized on June 17, 2011, originated from a format called EDH (Elder Dragon Highlander-- there can only be one). The first time we played EDH was around 2009. It is easily the best way to play Magic: The Gathering. The idea was to have a casual format with 100 cards and only a single copy of any one card, with a General: a singular Legendary Creature card in its own zone that can be cast any time, once you have the mana for it. If your general is removed, it goes up by a casting cost of 2 for each time it is removed. Once WOTC officially recognized the format and printed the first Commander product, your General was instead called your Commander and instead of the format being called EDH, it instead became recognized as Commander. If you ever hear anyone say EDH, they are talking about Commander. Make sure to know the cards that are banned in the format before building your deck (listed below).

Commander Banlist:

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