Jumbo Commander - Gyrus, Waker of Corpses Commander 2018 Deck Tech

Gyrus Waker of Corpses is a jund value hydra engine. This toolbox commander lets you pull creatures straight out of your graveyard. Some people, myself included, bemoaned the fact that Gyrus forces you to exile the creatures and only get them for your combat phase. I have grown to see this as an advantage. I don't want to loop Kokusho or Grey Merchant over and over. I want variety in my combat, in my win conditions, and in my colors. Enjoy!

I have tested this deck for a while and some notable shoutouts that performed really well but did not get screen time is: the explore mechanic and Thought Gorger. I realized that I needed more card draw and these helped smooth everything out.

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Decklist: https://bit.ly/2NNnNAq

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