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We have two games and nine commanders for you today in our mid-power edh gameplay starring Jeremy Noell from StarcityGames, Chase from ManaCurves, and Logan or Seraph Six.

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Game One
Chase - Manacurves - Alibou, Ancient Witness -
Carlos - Kingdoms - Ravos, Soultender & Kraum, Ludevic's Opus -
Jeremy - StarcityGames - Maelstrom Wanderer -
Logan - Serpah Six - Liesa, Forgotten Archangel -

Game Two
Carlos - Kingdoms - Karn, Silver Golem -
Logan - Seraph Six - Lurrus of the Dream-Den -
Chase - Manacurves - The Gitrog Monster -
Jeremy - StarCityGames - Riellle the Everwise -

0:00 Intro

Editors: Marie Diamond & Carlos Diamond

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