KingdomsTV - K'rrik vs Tymna / Kamahl vs Koll vs Orvar | cEDH Gameplay ft. @SplitSecond and @KingdomsTV

What's the saying? "The enemy of your enemy is your friend." Thanks for protecting my Stax pieces, Baal! In today's episode, we welcome Rodrigo and Baal from Splitsecond!

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Rodrigo - Split Second - K'rrk, Son of Yawgmoth -
Carlos - Kingdoms - Tymna the Weaver and Kamahl, Heart of Krosa -
Ben - Kingdoms - Koll the Forgemaster -
Baal - Split Second - Orvar, the All-Form -

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Editors: Marie Diamond & Carlos Diamond
Thumbnail: Marie Diamond
Intro: Tom Giles

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