Lab Maniacs - Casual Brews: 4 Color Zur

I revisit Zur as a commander in a different way - as a secret commander within a four color deck. This was requested by twitter If you have any requests, please drop the below!

Final Deck:
Previous Brew: Obeka -
Inspirational decklist:

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--Video Contents-----
0:00 - Introduction & Commander selection
2:32 - Starting adding cardsZur enchantments searches
4:25 - Zur enchantments
8:48 - Toughness matters & Zur staples
13:17 - More Zur enchantments
23:35 - Enchantress staples
35:40 - Categorization of cards and adding staples
58:10 - Start the cuts!
1:27:55 - Down to 65! Adding Lands
1:40:00 - Summary of the completed deck
1:43:38 - Patron Credits

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