Legendary Creature Podcast - Chainer, Nightmare Adept | Lore | Legendary Creature Spotlight

With the new Commander 2019 we got a flashback to an earlier moment in the life of Chainer. With this new Rakdos legend, questions arise about his origin and life story.

Join us as AP tells the story of Chainer and offers a theory on why red is part of Chainer’s earlier identity.

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Music is episode come from the talented, sexy and gracious artists Home and Protector 101. In this video you heard Overflow from Home’s Odyssey album, and a variety of songs from the always dank Protector 101. Check them out and the dope beats of other musicians who let us use their tunes:
Home – https://home96.bandcamp.com/
Protector 101 – https://protector101.bandcamp.com/
Silver Richards – https://silverrichards.bandcamp.com/
Dan Terminus – https://dan-terminus.bandcamp.com/

Big shout out to Mikey Patch for logo artwork! Check his stuff out: http://irontree.deviantart.com/

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