Legendary Creature Podcast – Orzhov: Truly Medieval

Whether it’s that vindaloo you ate last night or Orzhov, both are coming back to torture you. Join us as we dive into the untold riches the Orzhov Syndicate has to offer.

We’ll explore the guild and what it has going on in its identity. Kyle will then take us through a bit of a bifurcated deck tech intended to enable him to put either Teysa Karlov or Krav & Regna at the helm. Also don’t miss his alternative route he proposes for Teysa that will get real funky.

Andy then brings Selenia, Dark Angel’s wares to the table. Your fellow opponents may want to avoid the kombucha she’s offering at the farmer’s market this weekend.

Check out Kyle’s Teysa Karlov decklist right here:


And check out Andy’s Selenis, Dark Angel decklist here:


The dank beats this episode are by the immortal Dan Terminus. The song is Vesubian from the album Automated Refrains. It’s 2019, you know you should show love to talented artists who share their craft. Check him out and support him:


Big shout out to Mikey Patch for logo artwork! Check his stuff out:


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