Legendary Creature Podcast - Rakdos: Phantasmagoria of Ecstasy

Are you here for the Showstopper? I think we saw that a$$hole wasting his time flipping coins on the Transguild Promenade. Judith? Nah, we’re the only divas here.

Join Andy and Kyle as they take the guild series to the Blood Crypts in search of Rakdos commanders steeped in enough gory glory to entertain us all. What does the Rakdos guild have to offer? As we journey toward Rix Maadi, our hipster hosts take a quick look at Judith. Andy then courts the potentially misunderstood Olivia and seeks to give her his bloody heart. Kyle then seeks to tweak his Scorpion God deck. Can he give an offering worthy of the deadly divine?

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The intro beats this episode are by the artist Home. The album is Before the Night and the track of the same name. There a ton of great beats by Home. Check him out and support him:

The outro featured an artist new to the podcast: Silver Richards. Be sure to check his beats out too. It’s really a huge deal to have musicians be willing to let us use their music.

Big shout out to Mikey Patch for logo artwork! Check his stuff out:

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