Legendary Creature Podcast – Rhystic Study | Commander Cards in Action

We’re diving into another gameplay episode. But this time, rather than watching a full game play out, Kyle takes us on an exploration of how Rhystic Study impacts a game.

Join us as we find out if there are ever circumstances you can get away with not paying the Rhystic Study cost. Comment below to let us know how you and your friends talk about and navigate any game graced with the awful presence of Rhystic Study. What’s the conversation like at your table? Who deals with it? Who isn’t paying?

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Music is episode comes from the talented, sexy and gracious artists Home and Silver Richards. In this video, you hear Overflow from Home’s Odyssey album, and Wrong Way from Silver Richards’ album Despair. Check them out and the dope beats of other musicians who let us use their tunes:
Home – https://home96.bandcamp.com/
Silver Richards – https://silverrichards.bandcamp.com/
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Dan Terminus – https://dan-terminus.bandcamp.com/

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