MagicalHacker - Vault of the Archangel E1| Dragonlord Silumgar & Braids Conjurer Adept

Welcome to the VERY first episode of Vault of the Archangel, the show where I look at my decks one at a time and analyze what are the three biggest sleepers in the deck (I do this by looking at the three least lowest scores of my deck on Scryfall sorted by EDHREC rank of all the cards in the deck that are cheaper than 5 bucks), and analyze why they are much better than people think they are.

For today's first episode, it would normally be Dragonlord Silumgar, but because his sleepers overlaps 2 out of 3 with Braids Conjurer Adept's sleepers, we got a double feature this week, so we will be looking at these four cards and talking about why they are great cards that people aren't playing nearly as much as they should be!

Decklist: (in this case, there are two decklists) and

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