NeoRoyal - (EDH) Breya Vs Yuriko Vs Shirei Vs Ruric Thar - Commander Gameplay Ep.31

Happy Holidays everyone!🎄
I hope you got some great gifts and some greater memories with your loved ones.
We're a bit late on release because of the Christmas schedule, BUT here's what i will do for you.
If you watch this video on release, we are Monday.
Ep.31 will count for this Tuesday bonus release of December. There will be a video next Friday on the new year and to complete my double release month, i will release a video on Tuesday the 5th.
Nobody's gonna tell me i didn't complete my month because i skipped one! 😂
We will then return to the single video a week for a while.
With that said, enjoy the video and thank you to my guess for an amazing game!

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