NeoRoyal - (EDH) Group-Hug-Ageodon! Xyris Vs 2x Phelddagrif Vs Kynaios & Tiro - Commander Gameplay Ep.36

Hello everyone!
Hope you are all having a great day, we're bringing you today something new on the channel!
This is an edited version of ProxyLab's stream Group-Hug-Ageodon where challengers face off against each other in a 4 player group hug match!
The games ends pretty quickly because of the multiple landrops and draws but that makes only the play spicier!

In the ring today, we have the mighty host ; ProxyLab!

Liz from Chain of Commander!


And DougYNerd!

Want to watch the whole live show?

Decklists :
Kynaios & Tiro of Melitis, Chaos Combo :
Xyris, The Writhing Storm, Snake Canon :
Liz's Phelddagrif, Hippo Burn :
Doug's Phelddagrif, Defensive Hugs :!

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Music from Harris Heller - Meteor Binge
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