NeoRoyal - (EDH) Karametra Vs Alela Vs TinyBones Vs Zirda - Commander Gameplay Ep.30 (Double December Release!)

Hello hello!
We are joined today by Janie and Mathieu for some paper commander!
We're only a few sub under 500 so make sure you hit that red button if it's not already done 🙂
We have a new patreon, Sam from the CMDR Crunch Podcast, thank you so very much!
One day we'll manage to get a game together 😉

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Decklists :
Karametra, God of Harvest (Not Updated) :
Alela, Artful Provocator :,_Fairie_Trickery
Tinybones, Trinket Thief :
Zirda, The Dawnwaker :

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Music from Harris Heller - Dark Matter
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tokens fairies faerie artifact discard activated abilities 4 players edited commentary mono black boros selesnya god esper voltron attrition

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