NeoRoyal - (EDH) Ripley Vance Vs Yurlok Vs Vadrok Vs Sythis - Commander Gameplay Ep.57 (Ft. MJ & Zach!)

On today's episode we are joined by MJ from the MTG in Quarantine Podcast and Zach from the Command Dudes!

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We are also featuring 2 brand new commanders from Modern Horizon 2!

Decklists :
Captain Ripley Vance (Storm with Zada) :
Yurlok of Scorch Thrash (Groupslug Burn) :
Vadrok, Apex of Thunder (Hidden Magda and Jeska's wills) :
Sythis, Harvest's Hand (Hidden theme Enchantress and Lifegain) :

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Music from Harris Heller - Unicorn Tears
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