NeoRoyal - (EDH) Saskia Vs (B)Alela Vs Kumena Vs Gyrus - Commander Gameplay Ep.55 (Feat. Fitz and Kyle!)

Welcome to our first (probably not the last) collab with Fitz's Arena of the Ancients!
This episode was recorded on stream and we really had a blast!

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Want to see more of Fitz, his Bolas deck is bonkers :

Decklists :
Saskia the Unyielding (Xena Warrior Princess Style) :
(B) Alela, Artful Provocator (''Mono Black'' Aristocrats) :
Kumena, Tyrant of Orazca (Merfolk Tribal, Untap Value Engine) :
Gyrus, Waker of Corpses (Creatures, Reanimation and Sneak Attacks) :

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Kelly :

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Music from Harris Heller - Unicorn Tears
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