Opal Wave MTG - Liberator, Urza's Battlethopter cEDH Deck tech and interview! Featuring John from Spite Plays!

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Today's deck tech will feature John's version of Liberator, Urza's Battlethopter for cEDH! Let me know what commanders you want to see built!

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Deck lists!

Glory: https://www.moxfield.com/decks/JtQ3rYEBG0ONvpiDRqzZcA

0:00 - Introduction
01:20 - Upgrading from Hope of Ghirapur to Liberator
03:20 - Planeswalkers
07:13 - Creatures
11:49 - Instants and Sorceries
15:25 - Artifacts
17:09 - Lantern Control Package
20:26 - Keys
21:55 - Combos
26:19 - Lands
34:24 - Closing Thoughts, Subscribe to Spite Plays

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