Rogue One A Star Wars Story on Commanderin’ MTG Podcast

Howdy folks!

Nate and Phil welcome Andy Hull, co-host of Commanders’ Brew and EDHREC article fame, to the show to talk about Star Wars Rogue One. We don’t talk much Commander, but this might be one of the best shows we’ve recorded!

(Also, we report on the mystery of Sean’s location…)


Phil, Nate, and Sean

Phil DeLuca is a life-long gamer, and has been playing Magic since 1994, when he also started making games. He's played Commander since 2013. He's a former Walt Disney Imagineer and is currently a Rioter at Riot Games. He started a podcast in 2014 and is now the co-host of Commanderin' MTG Podcast with Nate Burgess and Sean Whatson.